Reading my Bible

While I’m home, my daily work schedule is being drastically cut back. Most of my time will be spent just reading the bible (novel idea). This is my process for reading Mark during my time back in the states. It would work for any book of the Bible. Each day I complete the following steps for each chapter:

1. Read the chapter in English. Simple and straightforward. Read it slowly and carefully. Try not to “think ahead” to what is in the rest of the chapter. 

2. Go through Mark pericope flash cards. I made flashcards for the different pericopae in Mark. One side of the card is the verse reference (Mark 2:1-12) and on the other, what happens in that pericope (Jesus heals the paralytic). 

3. Do Greek flash cards. I made a flash card for any word in the text that I had to look up. So, I go through these cards so I don’t have to use a lexicon while I’m working through the text.

4. Read the chapter in Greek. Again, pretty straightforward. I mark any sections that seem a little obscure, or where the Greek is more difficult to put together.

5. Read in English again.

If you don’t know the original language of the book you’re reading, just drop the original language steps. Maybe read the chapter three times instead of two in english and one in the original language.