Who We Are

We are a couple (baby coming in January) who have recently moved to Edinburgh so that I can pursue a PhD in New Testament. This is us.

Pretty much our entire life has been spent in Southern California where we lived in Torrance and El Segundo.

We met in High School, started dating in college, and got married as soon as humanly possible after that.

Our home church is Hope Chapel. Both of us attended there for many years and we were sorely disappointed to leave.

This blog, like Seinfeld, isn’t really be about anything in particular. It will, by nature of our circumstances, include a lot about living abroad, higher education, the field of New Testament Studies, and soon, becoming parents. I would like to apologize in advance for the baby pictures. I agree with some that say all babies look the same, but I still plan on posting cookie cutter pictures of the one that my wife and I made.

Please note that I have tried to avoid the word “musings.” Too many blogs use this word and I don’t think it communicates what those same blogs are doing. When I hear the word “musing,” I think of being caught up in thought, or thinking to oneself. Blogs, in my opinion don’t do that. They are by nature¬†communicative. So, I plan on saying things to people who read it. Please say stuff back.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter here. You can follow Stephenie on Twitter here.


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