Infant Americanism

I find French incredibly difficult to understand, much like a dog trying to understand English. If it’s written, no problem. On the other hand, if someone speaks to me in French, they might as well be saying nonsense words, because their message is not getting into my brain.

That being said, navigating Paris, a city not notable for its love of the American way,  can be a little daunting. For the most part, everyone has been really nice and gone out of their way to communicate with me (which often means switching to English). But sometimes, I wish that I had better communicative powers in French, that way I would be able to explain myself and apologize.

Today the three of us went down to the Luxembourg Gardens today which is right next to the Catholic Institute of Paris (where I have had the opportunity to study French for a month). In this very large public park, there are tiny pools that kids can play in. Stephenie has wanted to take Kadence there for about a week (although I think she was more excited about putting our baby in a swimsuit than actually going to the park).

When we arrived, there were a number of native Parisians enjoying the small pool with their children. And then decided to join in on the fun.

Within about two minutes, our thuggish seven month old had complete control of the pool, taken the toys of the other children, and run them of their native land. As an American, this doesn’t send the best message. And of course, we tried to make sure that the toys were immediately returned to their owners and then stayed in a small area of the pool so that all of the kids could have fun.

So anyways, it looks like our daughter is a great American.



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