Thanksgiving, Sneaky Canadians, and Costco

Celebrating Thanksgiving outside of the US is a surreal experience. To begin with, the Canadians insist on throwing us off by holding their thanksgiving roughly a month early. This doesn’t put a good American in the right mindset and by the time that Thanksgiving actually rolls around, it sort of surprises you. Sneaky Canadians. But, there is good news, we were able to have our own, very American Thanksgiving. And yes, before I get to Costco, we did have a meal that looked like this:

We were, as you might expect, very proud of ourselves for making a whole Thanksgiving meal (and a Pumpkin Pie) without having done it before. But, as great as that was, there was something supremely Thanksgivingesque missing from my experience. And, after thoughtful consideration, I realized that it was a trip to Costco. And thanks Jesus, there is one only about four miles away.

We jumped on the bus, and were there in about half an hour. As it emerged on our left, we were, as you might expect, absolutely ecstatic. After trying various Scottish versions of American brands (Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonalds) we were expecting something close, but not exactly like what we get home.

It turns out that Costco’s tagline in Edinburgh should be: “Costco: Welcome Home Americans.” It was like walking into a teleportation device. We had arrived back to California and I was standing in the Costco I was raised to respect. From the little snack shack at the front, to the samples, to the ridiculous condiment sizes, it was a molecule for molecule recreation. Thank you Costco.

And Most importantly….

Hello old friend.

Now, there were a few Scottish additions to the winning Costco formula.

Overall, it was great to feel at home. I am not sure what it says about American consumerism that I feel most at home in Costco when I am overseas, but I don’t care. I had my Costco Pizza: Thanksgiving Accomplished.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Sneaky Canadians, and Costco

  1. Graham Chernoff says:

    The MacSween haggis factory is just across the road from the Costco. Twas the place I had my first job in Scotland: I helped build an extension to the factory when I was 20. It was stinky.

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