Casual Pirates: Ryan Air

Tomorrow morning, at 4:30am, Stephenie and I are going to begin our journey to Rome. In order to make this trip fit our budget, we had to make a few sacrifices. The most grievous of which is using Ryan Air. There are great things about Ryan air – I’m sorry, I mean great thing: It’s cheap. A round trip flight to Rome for two cost $300.

Anyone who first experiences the incredible deal that is Ryan Air, especially if you’re an American and are accustomed to getting what you pay for, regards it with a fair amount of caution – and rightly so. If you mess anything at all up, you pay for it. Bag too big? $30. Bag too heavy? $30. Forget to print your boarding pass ahead of time? $45. Want headphones? $10. And so on. So, Ryan air begins cheap, but to transform your flight from an airborne prison to a reasonably modern experience takes more cash. Stephenie and I are in the “fleeing from our homeland” price bracket so we are abiding by all of the rules in order to get as cheap a flight as possible. For some reference, here is how much luggage we are taking:

Each bag has to be under 45 lbs and can be no larger than 21″ by 16″ by 8″. Pretty small. That being said, we are extremely excited to visit Rome and thankful for the opportunity to go at such a great price. We are just hoping not to be plundered to badly on the way there and back!


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