If you haven’t been to the UK, you might not have ever heard of Irn-Bru. Consider yourself lucky. For those of you who don’t know, it is basically bubble-gum flavoring mixed with grape soda. Also, it is inexplicably orange. I think it taste terrible, but the Scots disagree. Here, it outsells Dr. Pepper, 7-UP, Pepsi, and even Coke (no small feat). It is in every liquor store, deli, market, and cafeteria.

It’s made in Scotland and is a cultural icon in the same way that Coke is, well, everywhere else. Let me show you some examples of its iconic nature:




This is a Irn-Bru themed roller coaster at Pleasure Beach (the most visited amusement park in the UK).

And, sadly, for the children:


Also, they’re known for running somewhat controversial ads. I’ll go ahead and show you some of the tamer ones:





Just a reminder, those are the less intense (and less hilarious examples). Feel free to do your own google search.

As prevalent as Irn-Bru is here, it will never replace my beloved Coke Zero.


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