At Uni

For a month, we’ve been in Edinburgh. We have, in a few short weeks, learned a lot about what not to do in Scotland. For example, in the United Kingdom, you are not supposed to say that you are in “school.” Apparently, if you say that, you sound like a pedophile (or as they say here, pedo). School is for children. I, on the other hand, am a chubby, twenty-five year old with a beard and a Pink Floyd hoodie. Instead of “school,” I am to say that I attend “university” or “uni.”

My wife learned this the hard way at a ladies tea where she told everyone that “her husband was going to school.” The other North Americans filled her in regarding the way that sounds to British ears. Unfortunately, I wasn’t told for a while longer. So, I continued to say that I was going to school and assumed the plastic smiles I got were the result of British decorum. Actually, they were, but not in the sense that I was thinking.

That being said, here is the university that I am attending.

I get to go to New College which is a beautiful separate campus just for the school of divinity (for some reason, it’s okay to say school in that context).

Interested in more info? Here is the promo video they use for recruiting students. In this video you will see both my primary supervisor (Dr. Helen Bond) and my secondary supervisor (Dr. Larry Hurtado).

Here is the school that I am attending:


2 thoughts on “At Uni

  1. I must say the back of our iconic facade looks just like the front of our Iconic facade but that seems fair enough as Moscow is full of Scottish people. I wish I had a picture, but the stained glass windows in our Admin. Auditorium (in the wing behind that facade) looks just like the ones in your library if they were made out of red brick and covered in vines. WEIRD, but very cool. I’d assume mine (at the University of Idaho) are modeled after yours.

  2. scotlandly says:

    Interesting. This building used to be the training ground for the church of Scotland. Do you know if your building has always been used for school, or was it at some point for something else?

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